Our party

What is PIN?

It is a movement born after ten years of analysis about Costa Rica’s national problems at the Center of Studies Costa Rica Siglo XXI, which provides a true political project for the XXI Century with solutions to benefit all the Costa Rican people.

What is our ideology?

PIN supports an authentical Participatory Democracy, to help Costa Ricans trust again in their leaders.

Which are our Principles?

  1. Person’s well-being
  2. Solidarity
  3. Social balance

How was PIN born?

It was born as a political project in 1996, due to studies made in the Center of Studies Costa Rica Siglo XXI, group conformed by young professionals, intellectuals and university students, which during more than 10 years (from 1985) organized meetings, panel discussions, roundtables and papers about key topics for Costa Rica’s development.

The Center of Studies Costa Rica Siglo XXI, in the quest for solutions, founded the Partido Integración Nacional (PIN), party with own roots that proposes to stay away from donations or economical ties, and from other parties and private companies. Learn more…